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Can This Save Me Money?

How much money can you save with the correct axle and wheel alignment?
According to international studies, 75 to 80 percent of the wheel axles on the world’s medium-heavy and heavy vehicles are incorrectly aligned. The consequence is an enormous waste of both money and natural resources, in the form of high fuel consumption and increased tyre wear. In addition, it can mean unnecessary human suffering, since it can lead to both accidents which could have been avoided and a harmful working environment for our professional truck drivers.

Reduced fuel consumption
To drive a heavy truck and trailer with incorrectly aligned wheels and axles means that there is more rolling resistance than normal, which results in a higher rate of fuel consumption. A correction of the alignment problem will, in most cases, reduce fuel usage by 3-10 percent. How much you save depends, of course, on how much the wheels were out of alignment to start with, before any adjustments were made. In some cases, you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 20 percent.

Reduced tyre wear
The majority of truck owners and professional truck drivers know that the wrong tyre pressure makes the tyres wear out faster. The fact is though, that incorrect alignment of axles and wheels is at least as common a cause of increased tyre wear. On a heavy vehicle, it can be enough to have an incorrect alignment of axles by just a few tenths of a degree in different directions, for the tyres’ lifespan to be reduced by 15 to 50 percent.

Increased traffic safety
It doesn’t take more than one pair of axles which are not completely parallel in relation to the truck and trailer’s centreline for them to begin forcing the vehicle to drive obliquely. The vehicle can then actually be dangerous in traffic, since it takes up a greater width on the road than the maximum allowed vehicle width.

Better work environment for the driver
A professional truck driver’s work can be hard enough as it is. If he or she in addition – mile after mile – has to fight the wheel to compensate for badly aligned wheels and axles, then it doesn’t take long before he or she is plagued by aches and pains in the shoulders and the neck.

How much can you save?
After you have carried out measurements and adjustments with John Bates equipment you can be sure that the entire vehicle and trailer is correctly adjusted, not just the axles. Since we measure with the frame as the reference point, all the wheels will be going straight, regardless of how the truck and trailer are connected.

Our co-workers are specially trained in how the equipment functions, how the measuring takes place according to the John Bates Wheel Alignment method and how the adjustments are made in a correct and accurate manner. In order to be sure to achieve the best possible result, we measure before, during and after the adjustments are made.

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